Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Julia is a full-time mom and fitness junkie!  A former competitive tennis player and marathoner, Julia attended the University of Connecticut where she majored in Psychology.  After ten years in the corporate world, Julia turned in her high heels for sneakers and the rest is history.  Julia holds numerous fitness certifications including including Madd Dog Spinning, Crossfit Level 1 and Olympic Weightlifting.  Julia’s indoor cycling style is motivating, energizing, and high intensity so get ready to leave your comfort zone!

FR:  What about being an instructor do you love?

JK:  Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing a client achieve a goal they’ve been working towards.  You can see a visible change in their attitude and confidence.  To me, fitness isn’t about being skinny, it’s about discovering what your body is capable of and pushing past your comfort zone.

FR:  What gets you into “the zone” when you’re working out?

JK:  I’ve been known to close my eyes on the bike to focus my mind and my breathing.  I also like a dark studio and loud music!

FR:  What are your favorite apps to keep you organized?

JK:  I’m old school, I still keep track of my schedule and workouts daily in a handwritten journal.

FR:  How do you spend your “me” time?  

JK:  With two little girls, working out is my “me” time!  I also like quick getaways with my husband.  Most recently, we went to Napa where we enjoyed lots of food and wine!

FR:  What keeps you motivated to stay fit?

JK:  My children!  They love coming to the gym with me and I frequently see them imitating movements they see in my classes.  It’s important to me that sport and fitness is a part of their life too.

FR:  Favorite healthy snack?

JK:  The Green Monster from Kennedy Coffee

FR:  What does active living mean to you:

JK:  Active living means not only finding time to work out every day, but spending time outdoors and being physically active with my family.  Going swimming, boating, and walking with our dog on the trails at Crystal Bridges.  Northwest Arkansas is such an incredible place to enjoy the outdoors!

FR:  Personal fitness tip?

JK:  Consistency is key!  If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it.