Amanda is a rock star cycling instructor who has energy to spare during class. She’ll make you laugh as well as cosmically transmit extra energy to you if you need it. Along with completing undergraduate and graduate school at the University of Arkansas in fields completely unrelated to fitness, Amanda is an A.F.A.A. certified personal trainer, a Les Mills certified RPM instructor, a YogaFit instructor and is G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling certified. Yeah, she’s not playing around when it comes to certifications.. Here’s a quick Q and A mesh so you can get to know her a little better:

FR: What about being an instructor do you love?

AT: When I help my client achieve a physical challenge she didn’t think she was capable of achieving.

FR: How do you keep your clients motivated?

AT: There are hundreds of ways I motivate my clients! I remind them – with specific details – of how far they have come. I help them to envision their end goals. I remind them to be proud of and celebrate milestones in their fitness journey.

FR: Name some jams we should expect to ride along to in your classes?

AT: All kinds! I might play Deadmaus tunes mixed with old school Guns n’ Roses and perhaps a dash of Beyonce!

FR: What gets you into “the zone” when you’re working out?

AT: Music is key along with the power I feel controlling the weights or challenging my body.

FR: What are your favorite apps to keep you organized?
AT: My good, old-fashioned calendar and notes apps.

FR: How do you spend your “me” time?
AT: Reading, riding my road bike (with which I am in love), mini road trips and taking long baths until my fingers get pruney!

FR: What keeps you motivated to stay fit?
AT: Remembering what it’s like to NOT be fit! That along with a healthy dash of vanity. Yep, I said it!

FR: Favorite healthy snack?
AT: Celery with almond butter and clementine oranges.

FR: What does active living mean to you?
AT: Pursing mastery of skills I already have, enjoying and nurturing relationships, living with a heart of gratitude, sharing whatever skills or resources I can with those around me, keeping my body moving and keeping my mind growing.

FR: Personal fitness tip?
AT: Don’t forget to have fun. Yes, sometimes being fit is just doing the work, but look for opportunities to try something new. Experiment and enjoy the adventure!