If you’ve made it to the site, you’ve probably got the gist of what we’re creating, but I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as the owner of FreeRide Studio!  This vision started several years ago after taking my first spin class in New York City while on a business trip.  I’ll never forget the overwhelming experience of riding in a pack doing choreographed jumps, tap-backs, sprints, and hill climbs to the beat of fresh new music in a candle-lit room.  The pulsing music went right through me and I pushed myself harder than I had in a long time.  It was such an incredible workout and an exhilarating experience, none that I had remotely experienced at home.  THIS is the workout I want to bring to Bentonville.  THIS is the experience I want to give fellow riders.  We’re putting in a state-of-the-art sound system with black lights and the highest performing indoor cycling bikes on the market to ensure this will be the best indoor cycling class experience you’ve ever had.  Whether you’ve never taken a spin class before or are a regular road rider hitting the streets each week, I encourage you to give us a try.  Which brings me to my next point…


I’ve gotten several messages and phone calls with this exact question and wanted to provide an update on our progress!  We closed on our building (3406 SE J Street) two weeks ago and just finished the demo phase before actual construction begins.  I’ve estimated the build-out will take approximately 8 weeks which means we should open our doors for classes late-October.  Our website will allow you to sign up for our newsletters and we’ll begin sending out weekly updates on opening date, class schedules, pricing, and the how-to’s for signing up.  


Okay, I mainly get this question from the dudes.  In fact, when I say I’m opening an indoor cycling studio and barre studio, they almost always ask “You’re going to have a bar in your studio?!”.  Um no, but I’m sure we’ll have a guys night in the spin studio with BYOB!  I personally got hooked on barre after trying classes at several studios locally and around the country until discovering a technique in New York that completely worked me over!  It was the first barre class after half a dozen or so that made me sore the next day.  Bam.  That was all it took to realize I needed to create my own barre method and incorporate techniques from the “best of the best”.  In fact, I just returned recently from spending four days in NYC training every day to bring these techniques back to you all.  Our barre classes will incorporate pilates, yoga, time on the floor and certainly at the barre working our thighs, seat, hamstrings, and upper body.  FreeBarre is a fast-paced class with quick transitions and intense moves to give you an all over body workout.  FreeFlow will be a little slower-paced and is a great beginner class if you’ve never tried barre before.


I love talking about everything BUT myself, which is why this is at the end!  I was born and raised in Little Rock and now live in Bentonville with my husband, step-son Evan, and a black lab Sadie.  I’ve always lived a very active lifestyle and am a competitive and driven person by nature.  Fitness has been as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth since I can remember.  I love the euphoric feeling of getting a good workout in no matter what type of exercise, although I will admit that being almost 6 months pregnant has finally slowed me down!  My professional background is in sales, which has taken me around the world and all over the U.S.  It’s during these travels that I get to experience new fitness techniques and stay up to date on workout trends.   Whether it’s Hong Kong, Paris, New York, or LA, I love to seek out new workout methods on each trip.  After seeing the world, I truly look forward to coming back home to Northwest Arkansas and the activities this state has to offer.  On any given weekend, you could find me on Beaver Lake, cheering for the Hogs during football season, raising money while participating in a charity bike ride, or jamming through the woods to win a mountain bike race.  I’ve been given so many blessings in this life and consider it my duty to live each day to the fullest.  

So there you have it!  Welcome to FreeRide Studio and we can’t wait to see you on the bike or at the barre!